The Felix Pullover

I have just finished my latest FO (finished object) this week, 
Flelix Pullover by Amy Christopher! 
I am so happy with how it turned out. 
To make this awesome pullover I used my Covet and Hand Dyed Covet yarn colors Serpentine and Madrid held together.  I followed Amy's pattern except I cropped my a little more then the original.
I am obsessed with how soft this sweater turned out, it feels softer then the softest cashmere! And can we talk about how cute it looks with a hand dyed and solid blended. 
I was able to get gauge with the called for needles and my two yarns held together.
Here is what you will need if you are going to make a Felix Pullover out of our Covet and Hand Dyed Covet. 

Measurements and Yarn quantities:

The highlighted numbers are what I used.

Sizes: 39 (43.5, 48, 52.5, 57)" a range of 2-8" of ease is suggested for this garment. 
The pattern calls for 650 (700, 850, 950, 1050) yds of worsted weight yarn. 
If you are going to make it out of our covet double stranded you will need the same amount of skeins of each color. 
Covet, #549 Serpentine: 4( 5, 6, 6, 7) skeins
Hand Dyed Covet, #405 Madrid: 4 (5, 6, 6, 7) skeins
Other great colors combos would be
Covet #931Silver and Hand Dyed Covet #401 Zaragoza
Covet #692 Moonstone and Hand Dyed Covet #404 Barcelona
Covet #120 Ivory and Hand Dyed Covet #403 Bilbao
Covet #818 Mink and Hand Dyed Covet #402 Rioja
Covet #644 Aquamarine and Hand Dyed Covet #406 Marbella

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