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We have brought something new to our site! Handmade soap that has needle felted designs on them. 

My mother, Leslie Anne Designs, is the maker of these adorable soaps. 
She makes the soap from glycerin with aloe vera extract along with rose & lavender  essential oils.
On our website now we have 3 versions!

Holiday Sheep

Holiday Ribbon 

They are perfect gifts for yourself or your closest friends! Use it as a bathroom decoration or for gentle exfoliation.
When you use the soap, hold the bar under running water, rub gently and then feel how the wool gently exfoliates your skin and foams up. As you use the soap, the wool keeps shrinking around the soap. Eventually you’re left with a piece of wool that you can even use further for cleaning!
These Soaps are sold separately. 
4 x 2.5 x 1.25"

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