We want to thank everyone who purchased the Koala Bear Hat Pattern and the Koala Bear Hat Kit!! Because of of your purchases we raised $606 to be donated between the Australian Red Cross and the Wire Wildlife Rescue charities. We will continue to raise money for Australia with sale from this pattern. At the end of February we will switch charities and start to donate to One tree Planted to help rebuild the Australian landscape.

This weeks knitting will be dedicated to knitting little pouches for orphaned Joeys. 

Wires Wildlife Rescue has the info about what is needed to do to make the pouches.

Remember NO synthetic materials ( the Joeys can't breathe with synthetic material)

We will be making ours out of Sebago 100% Australian Superwash Wool. (the wool used must be machine washable)

If you are looking for a Worsted Weight Washable Wool 

Try our friends at Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted. 


If you want to also donate knitting Joey Pouches but don't want ship them please send your Knitted Joey Pouches to me at 

11766 Metro Parkway Ste D Fort Myers, FL 33966 

and I will send yours along with my own.  Please get your pouches to me before Feb 15th! I plan on shipping everything Feb 15th. 

thank you again!! 

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